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The Truth is: No Lives Matter

GUEST WORDS--We are all fighting about which lives matter. The truth is: no lives matter.

At least no lives matter to those with the power to annihilate all lives. To them, we are all disposable. In my judgment, this makes us all slaves.

As odious as every aspect of slavery is (was?), the core power of slavers was the right to kill their slaves at will. That is the power those with their fingers on the nuclear button have over the rest of us. They are slave owners and we are slaves. We pay taxes, mostly against our will, to build the very weapons our slave owners will use to incinerate us.

To those in power, we are not merely “deplorables”, we are “disposables,” like a paper diaper full of baby excrement. The US Government plans to “save” 5000 or so government bureaucrats in the event of nuclear war, so they can carry out the “Continuation of Government” (COG) plan. The same US Government has washed its hands of civil defense. None, nada, not.

JFK famously opined that in the event of nuclear war, “the living would envy the dead.” So, I do not envy the government bureaucrats their bunkers. Who in their right mind would want to live in a world peopled solely by survivors who were so morally crippled that they planned for a nuclear war and then if (when?) it came, scuttled like rats into a sewer while their “fellow” Americans fried, burned, combusted, eye balls melting, or died slowly of radiation poisoning?

Martin Luther King contended that we “cannot murder murder” as he argued that war can never succeed in stopping killing. I hate to disagree with MLK, but he was wrong. Trump and Kim, our supreme leaders, have figured out how to murder murder. It is actually quite simple: have a nuclear war and murder everyone! In Stalinesque simplicity: No humans, no murder. This seems, however, to me to be an extreme method to accomplish a goal that could be attained in a much better way: “love your enemy.”

But, I am just a simple citizen of the world, not a commander of armies and fleets. I am probably missing some important, and probably secret, critical element known only to our “exceptional” supreme leaders.

They claim to know better than Jesus, or Gandhi, or MLK. So far, I do not agree with them that we can, or ought, to use their way to murder murder. So far, I disagree with Armageddon as the path and the way. Please excuse my stupidity.

Dumb as I may be, it seems to me that so long as we fight amongst ourselves over which lives matter, they win. Once we unite and declare all lives matter, we begin their defeat. Perhaps this Armistice Day, November 11, 2011.

(Guest Words columnist Kary Love is a Michigan attorney who has defended nuclear resisters in court for decades. Provided to CityWatch by Peace Voice