WELLNESS--I’ve been taking a social media vacation. I needed a break. The more people I speak with, it seems that I am not alone.

WELLNESS--We have all tried various forms of honey from New Zealand Manuka to Lavender and Buckwheat and many of us know the powerful healing properties of this delicious wonder from nature. 

WELLNESS--Most of us have been bullied. It often happens during our adolescent and teenage years and can take form in both verbal and physical abuse. I was bullied from kindergarten all the way through high school, so I can certainly relate all too well. 

WELLNESS--Have you ever noticed that even when you’re doing well, life seems to test you?

WELLNESS--I am nearing 50 in a matter of months, the time when many people go through a midlife crisis.

WELLNESS--Lately I’ve been sitting in a place unlike anywhere I’ve been before.

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