The Godfather and the Don

THE COHEN PAPERS--And to think, we could have had Lyin' Ted instead.

But according to Donald Trump, "Oh dear, mercy me, Cruz might not have been entirely truthful about something, sometime, can't vote for him."

Somehow we suspected that Trump himself might turn out to be consummately crooked himself. Which is why, early on in the 2016 campaign, we called Trump fraud.  That is more relevant than ever. (For the latest on “lyin’ Don, read Washington Post’s report on the President asking the President of Mexico to lie for him re the Trumpster’s Wall.) 

What tipped us off might have been Trump's lifelong pattern of manufacturing fake news stories, ripping off contractors, stiffing bank loans, not to forget his high pressure boiler room pretending to
be a "university." You know, subtle indicators like that.

Now, after long ago putting his personal lawyer out to lie, lie, lie, we come to find out that Trump personally took over the drafting of the deceptive response of his son to the breaking collusion meeting scandal, overruling the advice of literally everyone else to tell the truth.

Trump "dictated" it. Colbert has already joked that makes Trump a Dictator.

It's what any father would do for his, can't handle it like a man grown son, was the spin from new spokes-liar Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Any godfather is more like it.

And Mueller just hired another hotshot investigative attorney, a specialist in illegal foreign bribes. He's most certainly on to something.  

When pressed Tuesday again on whether he will try to fire Mueller, Trump would only say, "We'll just see."

Yes, we suppose we will.

In the meantime, Bernie sent out an email again promising he's going to introduce a Medicare for All bill.

Make no mistake, YOUR voices CONTINUING to speak out, yea, to Bernie himself, are the critical factor in making it happen, instead of just some Band-Aid fix to the corrupt so-called Affordable Care Act.

(Michael N. Cohen is a former board member of the Reseda Neighborhood Council, founding member of the LADWP Neighborhood Council Oversight Committee, founding member of LA Clean Sweep and a contributor to CityWatch.)