Taco Fun for a Buck Each

DEALS & DISCOUNTS--Sometimes, I just wanna make my own damn tacos. When it comes to Mexican food (Are tacos actually Mexican?), it can be a challenge to get a meat-free option. I'm picky about my cheese too. I prefer to go with a vegan cheese or one where the cows get to roam over green spaces and eat grass rather than being cooped up unable to move and eating other animals in pellets. 

In order to achieve this, it's often easier to just roll up my sleeves and whip up some my own special taco goodness. 

Ever done that? If not, you're missing out! 

Here are some simple instructions: 

  • First, you need ingredients. I sometimes shop at local Farmers Markets, less at Trader Joes and even less at Whole Foods. My favorite is my local Ralph's. I like to shop at a nice union outfit. It's a good deal all around. My neighborhood Ralph's is also super responsive to requests for whatever I want and the folks there are the best. Just be careful if you're
  • Open up a nice bottle of your favorite wine and pour yourself a nice glass.
  • If you have a sous chef, pour a glass for him or her as well.
  • Get to work chopping up your veggies and tofu and prepping your spices, oils and sauces.
  • One of my all time faves is:
    • small cubes of sage and cayenne savory tofu (Wildwood Organics' baked sprouted tofu is grand and I put my own sage and cayenne on it
    • Small cubes of Italian zucchini
    • Three or four chopped mushrooms
    • Baby spinach
    • A clove of chopped garlic
    • A couple teaspoons of olive or other specialty oil (get creative!)
    • You can also throw in black beans, garbanzo beans, tomato, Klamath olives, sweet potato, rosemary, thyme, WHATEVER SUITS YOUR FANCY!
  • Stir it all up and cook it over medium heat til it's just how you like it
  • If it isn't quite right, have another glass of wine.
  • Meanwhile cook your tortillas in just a smudge of of oil on each side for only a few seconds so they don't get hard unless you want hard tacos and then just get the box of hard ones from the store.
  • Grate your cheese, chopped onion, etc. I like Dubliner.they don't use part of a baby cow's little tummy to make it and I hear tell that the merry cows of Ireland get to roam on grass and eat it too (the grass not the cheese). Some of these cows may be descendants of the Peaky Blinders. If you haven't heRd of them, check out the original series about them on Netflix.
  • Spoon the filling onto the tortillas and sprinkle with the cheese and your other favorite favorite toppings - hint: AVOCADOS.
  • Eat the tacos with your friends and family or your sous chef or by yourself, along with the rest of the wine. Ralph's has a great selection of wines at great prices. It is common to get a $22 bottle of wine for $14. 

In conclusion, this homemade method allows you to practice creativity and economics. For about ten bucks you can make about ten tacos JUST THE WAY YOU WANT THEM! 

Only thing is, then you gotta do the dishes. You could just throw them away and order new ones from QVC but it can't be recommended as a good deal that way. 


Ralph's Supermarket is known as Smith's in New Mexico and Fry's in Arizona. It's been rough going in contract negotiations this time around but the union is reporting that the stores backed down on raising the retirement age and cutting holiday pay. The votes taken are still being tabulated as of this writing but ratification is expected in SoCal. I have been unable to verify the same for NoCal. 


Check here for valuable coupons: iweeklyads.com  

AND check here to make sure you aren't approaching any picket lines 

In SoCal: http://www.ufcw770.org/updates    

In NoCal: http://www.ufcw5.org/negotiation-updates  



(Jennifer Caldwell is a an actress and an active member of SAG-AFTRA, serving on several committees. She is a published author of short stories and news articles and is a featured contributor to CityWatch. Her column at www.RecessionCafe.wordpress.com is dishing up good deals, recipes and food for thought. Jennifer can be reached at recessioncafe@yahoo.com.  Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jennifercald - Twitter: @checkingthegate ... And her website: jenniferhcaldwell.com)