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1. Affordable Healthcare: Dr. Alpern’s Analysis is on Life Support ...
GELFAND’S WORLD--My CityWatch colleague Ken Alpern recently published his views, as a practicing physician, on the current controversy over Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, colloquially ...
Created on 13 March 2017
2. Alpern Reads the Tea Leaves for Politics 2016: A Heap of Anger Topped with a Dash of Hope ...
... tion that will be answered only in 2017.  But in 2016, it's all about the anger.    (Ken Alpern is a Westside Village Zone Director and Board member of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC), previ ...
Created on 30 December 2015
3. Ken Alpern ...
(Writer Bio Pages)
Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D. is a dermatologist and CityWatch Columnist. He is a Westside Village Zone Director and Board member of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC), previously co-chaired its Outreach ...
Created on 12 May 2011
4. COVID-19: Your Stupid Is No Better Than Anyone Else's Stupid
ALPERN AT LARGE--Again...Eric Garcetti, meet Donald Trump--and the above two photos say it all. Neither they nor others around them are doing what's right to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Difficul ...
Created on 09 July 2020
5. It's Pretty Hard to Run a City, Mayor Garcetti, When You Have No Credibility
ALPERN AT LARGE--Eric Garcetti, meet Donald Trump and Gavin Newsom--you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't try to reduce the COVID-19 virus, keep the economy alive, and provide people w ...
Created on 06 July 2020
6. Unmasking the Mask Masquerade: Hypocrisy, Double-Standards, and You!
ALPERN AT LARGE--It appears that Americans want to work. They also want to play, and protest, and all the sorts of things that free people want to do. However, this pandemic shows that there is something ...
Created on 02 July 2020
7. What Happened to George Floyd Was Unspeakable—So is What's Being Done in His Name!
ALPERN AT LARGE-I'll be happy to go on record as saying I don't give a damn if anything bad happens to Derek Chauvin, the man who "took a knee" on George Floyd's neck for far too long, and ignoring ...
Created on 29 June 2020
8. Trump's Surefire Re-Election Moment: Cities Who CHOP Off Their Own Authority
ALPERN AT LARGE--Ever wonder if the mayors of major cities actually WANT President Trump re-elected? Ever wonder if they're trying damn hard to prove that Trump is the lesser of two evils? Ever wonde ...
Created on 25 June 2020
9. The Case for Juneteenth Being a Red, White, and Blue U.S. Holiday
ALPERN AT LARGE--Juneteenth just happened. July 4th is coming up. Neither Juneteenth was a singular event to end all slavery, and the Fourth of July was but one important day in the long struggle for ...
Created on 22 June 2020
10. Unanswered Questions in a City, State, and Nation Dying for Answers
ALPERN AT LARGE--Some of us go on and on with the questions, while others claim to have all the answers. To most of us who want answers to our questions, but don't see the answers coming any time soon (o ...
Created on 18 June 2020
11. Real Affordable Housing: Why It’s So Tough to Get Bonuses
ALPERN AT LARGE--There has been much ballyhoo about funding more or less for police, for affordable housing, for pensions, and for our parks.  Unfortunately, it's uncertain that most of our curren ...
Created on 15 June 2020
12. A Four-Point Plan for LA to Provide Hope Beyond the Chaos
ALPERN AT LARGE--I'm dedicating this piece to Greg Nelson, who came up with the idea of turning this nightmarish week of riots--not protests that bring out the best of us, but riots that tear everyone an ...
Created on 11 June 2020
13. Do We Want a Bounty of Justice, or a Pound of Flesh?
ALPERN AT LARGE--There are some of us (most of us, I guess) who favor and respect the police, and both understand what they go through to give them the benefit of the doubt...but who abhor a criminal who ...
Created on 08 June 2020
14. Maybe We Should ALL Take-a-Knee If We Really Want to Win This Fight
ALPERN AT LARGE--Taking a knee is usually a sign of respect ... but it can also be a sign of submission. The former is laudable, the latter is horrible.   So which type of "taking a knee" should w ...
Created on 04 June 2020
15. All Over America: We're Killing George Floyd All Over Again!
ALPERN AT LARGE--Somewhere, far above America, there are two astronauts in the International Space Station who are the first to have achieved orbit after launching in a private vehicle (SpaceX), and the ...
Created on 01 June 2020
16. United for the Wrong Reason: The Horrifying Death of a Black American
ALPERN AT LARGE--It still stands to reason that those who WANT to divide the nation should be the ones we fear the most. But on the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it's virtually impossible t ...
Created on 28 May 2020
17. This Memorial Day, We Have a Choice: Fear or Fortitude
ALPERN AT LARGE--Normally, I would be devoting this article to the dedicated youth in our nation who got up early Saturday morning to dedicate the fallen at the West Los Angeles Memorial Cemetery.  I ...
Created on 25 May 2020
18. To Those Who Can, Put on Your Mask and Get Back to Work!
ALPERN AT LARGE--Some of us want to find solutions, and some of us want to exploit this crisis. Some of us think with our heads, and some of us think with We need to fight to get our economy back, ...
Created on 18 May 2020
19. Unmasking the Mask Controversy
ALPERN AT LARGE--While it's entirely understandable to acknowledge that people act--and react-- in fear, as time goes by the need to "keep it together" and "think clearly and calmly" is greater than ev ...
Created on 14 May 2020
20. LA’s Mass Transit Must Change to Survive the Pandemic 
ALPERN AT LARGE--Just as it's too simple and myopic to blame the end of the world on the automobile... (yes, some reading this believe that, but there's a reason or ten you'll stay in the minority w ...
Created on 11 May 2020
21. Which Constitution Will California and Los Angeles Adhere To?
ALPERN AT LARGE--Much of the problem with current liberal politics--and it's probably tearing up moderate liberals the most (the so-called "JFK Democrats" or "Blue Dog Democrats) is that things are evolv ...
Created on 07 May 2020
22. The Myth: A Nation Divided is Just That ... a Myth
ALPERN AT LARGE--It's again worthy of repetition--my suggestion that (and it's hardly mine alone) if you want to be a partisan hack, you certainly can be...but you're probably not likely to help anyon ...
Created on 04 May 2020
23. Humans Jammed Together Like Sardines is ... Bad? WHO KNEW?
ALPERN AT LARGE--It is doubtful that the "density warriors" and the "YIMBY's" and all those who confuse development with overdevelopment will reconsider their thinking during or after the Coronavirus pandem ...
Created on 27 April 2020
24. Something All Angelenos Can Agree On: Garcetti and Planning Should NOT Capitalize on the COVID-19 Pandemic
ALPERN AT LARGE--As stated in my last CityWatch piece, we did NOT start this crisis. But it is our solemn and sacred duty to finish and resolve it, and to win this new, deadly, and largely avoidable ...
Created on 23 April 2020
25. A Few Quick Questions on the COVID-19 Pandemic
ALPERN AT LARGE--More is feared than known about the pandemic in which we now are still reeling from--both the health and lifestyle changes, the physical and the economic impacts to our society, is historical ...
Created on 20 April 2020
26. ‘Infill’ THIS: Urban Planning Will Never Be the Same After COVID-19
ALPERN AT LARGE--Fortunately, being stubborn or fixated on the past isn't outlawed. Ditto for being unwilling to adapt (or at least recognize that things have changed) to the Coronavirus pandemic. Becaus ...
Created on 16 April 2020
27. The Silver Lining in the Crenshaw/LAX Line Delay: No One Cares
ALPERN AT LARGE-If you read the title and expected either a pro-transit or anti-transit screed, you will probably be disappointed. Mass transit, as with freeway/road transportation, is vital in any ...
Created on 13 April 2020
28. Building a Better California: Making Cities (and Politicians) a Little Less Dense
ALPERN AT LARGE--It's not a shock to many of us in the health care profession, but warm weather alone isn't going to magically make the COVID-19 virus go away. Most viruses that show up in the cold ...
Created on 09 April 2020
29. Beyond the Pandemic Pandemonium: Transportation Might Never Be the Same
ALPERN AT LARGE--As stated in my previous piece, Uber/Lyft, online working from home, and online school (from K-12 through college) has its benefits--and the freeways are much lighter as of late for reasons ...
Created on 06 April 2020
30. Bad Science, Bad Schooling, Bad Sensationalism ... It's All B.S.!
ALPERN AT LARGE--One good thing about this terrible COVID-19 pandemic is that we're all evolving and (hopefully!) getting smarter and more aware of what good science and business practices should be fo ...
Created on 02 April 2020