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1. Affordable Healthcare: Dr. Alpern’s Analysis is on Life Support ...
GELFAND’S WORLD--My CityWatch colleague Ken Alpern recently published his views, as a practicing physician, on the current controversy over Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, colloquially ...
Created on 13 March 2017
2. Alpern Reads the Tea Leaves for Politics 2016: A Heap of Anger Topped with a Dash of Hope ...
... tion that will be answered only in 2017.  But in 2016, it's all about the anger.    (Ken Alpern is a Westside Village Zone Director and Board member of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC), previ ...
Created on 30 December 2015
3. Ken Alpern ...
(Writer Bio Pages)
Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D. is a dermatologist and CityWatch Columnist. He is a Westside Village Zone Director and Board member of the Mar Vista Community Council (MVCC), previously co-chaired its Outreach ...
Created on 12 May 2011
4. Melendez is Right: We're Tired of Pedophilia, and Tired of Bulls--t!
... t call it for what it truly is?   (CityWatch Columnist, Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D, is a dermatologist who has served in clinics in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties, and is a proud husband and fath ...
Created on 17 September 2020
5. A Different, Better ‘Climate Change’: A Climate of Better Political Leadership
... ood leadership. And THAT is a climate change that is still possible, and one that we need more than ever.  (CityWatch Columnist, Kenneth S. Alpern, M.D, is a dermatologist who has served in clinics ...
Created on 14 September 2020
6. Here's a Thought CA: Having Sex with Minors is Just Plain Wrong!
ALPERN AT LARGE-Oh, you wonderful "fact-checkers"!   Where WOULD we be if we didn't have you to tell us that SB-145, a bill seeking to end "discrimination against the LGBT community" did not legal ...
Created on 10 September 2020
7. Labor Day 2020: Political Parties are Split from Within Over Solutions to Income Inequality
ALPERN AT LARGE--In California, in Michigan, in New York, in Florida, and throughout the nation, the economy of the COVID-19 pandemic and pre-election strategies have fast-forwarded and heightened the ...
Created on 07 September 2020
8. Single-Family Neighborhoods Endangered: The Non-Vote Vote for SB 1120
ALPERN AT LARGE--Normally, when a vote is held in Sacramento on a Sunday, and at 11:30 pm on the Monday before a vote is finally due and on extremely short notice, there are some serious shenanigans involved ...
Created on 03 September 2020
9. Curren Events: Maybe The Price ISN'T Right!
ALPERN AT LARGE--So what is more surprising, that another Councilmember is caught up in a scandal, or that none of us are shocked about it? Disappointed, of course, but hardly shocked.  After Mitch ...
Created on 31 August 2020
10. ‘Nothing to See Here’: Just Pandemic, Fires, Storms, Blackouts, Riots, Unemployment!
ALPERN AT LARGE--If a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound?  If other people get sick, and lose either their lives or their loved ones' lives, whil ...
Created on 27 August 2020
11. The Summer is Hot, But the Fighting is Hotter
ALPERN AT LARGE--In a year with an impeachment, a pandemic, civil unrest involving the police and minority rights, and a bitterly divisive election season, it isn't hard to conclude there will be fighting.  ...
Created on 24 August 2020
12. Town Hall Disaster: No, BLM, Westside Residents are NOT Selfish A--Holes
ALPERN AT LARGE--Black Lives Matter. Period.   Everyone reasonable knows that, and has known that for a long, long time--to say that lots of white Americans, including Westside (L.A., Santa Monica, ...
Created on 20 August 2020
13. Lying about Homeless Funding and Other Misdemeanors:  LA Owes Us an Apology
ALPERN AT LARGE--Fair is fair. If Westside Councilmember Mike Bonin had the LAPD call him, and not the other way around, while he's being berated for demanding police defunding while falsely accused o ...
Created on 17 August 2020
14. Updating LA’s Community Plans Begins with Infrastructure
ALPERN AT LARGE--Okay, folks--it's not too hard to figure out. If you want to increase capacity, "overriding considerations" sooner or later isn't going to cut it. We live in a time where we all s ...
Created on 13 August 2020
15. Of Course Black Lives Matter ... So Why Are White Hooligans Putting Them at Risk?
ALPERN AT LARGE--It's not too hard to conclude that we're a divided nation. But I doubt ANYONE, from the Left to the Right, favors hurting or even killing black Americans. Right now, both supporte ...
Created on 10 August 2020
16. We Already HAVE More Open Space for Our Kids: School Playgrounds!
ALPERN AT LARGE-So here we are in the Westside, like so many other Angelenos, in the middle of a Community Plan Update for the Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey region. I'll let others make the final call a ...
Created on 06 August 2020
17. Two Great Transportation/Mobility Reps: Jay Greenstein and Alek Bartrosouf
ALPERN AT LARGE--So much of City of Los Angeles politics and commentary is focused on the negative, and rightfully so. Our City Council and Mayor are replete with conflicts of interest, ethical violations, ...
Created on 03 August 2020
18. In Defense of UTLA
... conservative media.  CityWatch columnist Kenneth S. Alpern, still gentler than many, accuses UTLA of making unreasonable demands which "have nothing to do with what's good for the students," and holdi ...
Created on 30 July 2020
19. Politics + Stupidity + COVID-19 = Chaos!
ALPERN AT LARGE-Human nature is innate and complicated--we're the greatest and dumbest species on this planet, and on any given day we can be both great and dumb in rather breath-taking ways:  1) Right-win ...
Created on 30 July 2020
20. Mayor Garcetti Ignores the Rioting and Abandonment of Government? 
ALPERN AT LARGE--When even the family of George Floyd and the families of K-12 students are calling for an end to chaos, and a restoration of work, the economy, and school-- and certainly an end to ...
Created on 27 July 2020
21. Should LA Open It’s Schools? No Easy Answer
ALPERN AT LARGE-Let me state this article was written at the request of several of my patients (and their parents) who desperately want to go back to school, and have been socially and psychologically ...
Created on 23 July 2020
22. As Crime and COVID-19 Surge, Who Are Our Mayors Representing?
ALPERN AT LARGE--There's plenty of blame going around for the current rise in crime, chaos, and the new rise of COVID-19. No one, from the President on down to each and every one of us, must ask ourselve ...
Created on 20 July 2020
23. Ten Excellent New Names for the Washington Redskins
ALPERN AT LARGE--Like it or not, the Washington NFL team known for long as the Redskins will change their name. As with the Confederate flag, if a symbol is deemed offensive to some (and I mean DEEPLY ...
Created on 16 July 2020
24. COVID-19: Your Stupid Is No Better Than Anyone Else's Stupid
ALPERN AT LARGE--Again...Eric Garcetti, meet Donald Trump--and the above two photos say it all. Neither they nor others around them are doing what's right to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Difficul ...
Created on 09 July 2020
25. It's Pretty Hard to Run a City, Mayor Garcetti, When You Have No Credibility
ALPERN AT LARGE--Eric Garcetti, meet Donald Trump and Gavin Newsom--you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't try to reduce the COVID-19 virus, keep the economy alive, and provide people w ...
Created on 06 July 2020
26. Unmasking the Mask Masquerade: Hypocrisy, Double-Standards, and You!
ALPERN AT LARGE--It appears that Americans want to work. They also want to play, and protest, and all the sorts of things that free people want to do. However, this pandemic shows that there is something ...
Created on 02 July 2020
27. What Happened to George Floyd Was Unspeakable—So is What's Being Done in His Name!
ALPERN AT LARGE-I'll be happy to go on record as saying I don't give a damn if anything bad happens to Derek Chauvin, the man who "took a knee" on George Floyd's neck for far too long, and ignoring ...
Created on 29 June 2020
28. Trump's Surefire Re-Election Moment: Cities Who CHOP Off Their Own Authority
ALPERN AT LARGE--Ever wonder if the mayors of major cities actually WANT President Trump re-elected? Ever wonder if they're trying damn hard to prove that Trump is the lesser of two evils? Ever wonde ...
Created on 25 June 2020
29. The Case for Juneteenth Being a Red, White, and Blue U.S. Holiday
ALPERN AT LARGE--Juneteenth just happened. July 4th is coming up. Neither Juneteenth was a singular event to end all slavery, and the Fourth of July was but one important day in the long struggle for ...
Created on 22 June 2020
30. Unanswered Questions in a City, State, and Nation Dying for Answers
ALPERN AT LARGE--Some of us go on and on with the questions, while others claim to have all the answers. To most of us who want answers to our questions, but don't see the answers coming any time soon (o ...
Created on 18 June 2020