On the Case of the Peacock Killers

PALOS VERDES-People can be jerks – absolutely selfish, unrelenting, brutish, thinking-only-of-themselves jerks. 

I would rant a little more, but you get the idea. It is why I drove the other day to Buckskin Lane in Rolling Hills Estates to see for myself why anyone would kill Indian peafowl – some 50 there so far – over the last two years. 

People commonly refer to them as peacocks and peahens, but the point is that they are exquisite, beautiful creatures that have run wild there since a former U.S. Treasury secretary dropped off about 16 birds on the Palos Verdes Peninsula about 100 years ago. 

Heartless fools are poisoning the nearly 1,000 or so descendants of the original 16, running them over with their cars and shooting and killing them with pellet guns and, in two cases, at point-blank range with a crossbow. 

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of LA for months now has been trying to track down and at least put out the word on the killers, asking anyone with information to come forward. Intentionally killing peafowl can lead to felony animal cruelty charges that carry a $20,000 fine and as much as three years in prison, the group says.  (Read the rest here)  





Vol 12 Issue 51

Pub: June 24, 2014