Feuer has Sales Tax Extension in His Sights

PARK LABREA NEWS - California Assemblyman Mike Feuer has served the local area for the past six years, and enters his last session in the Assembly on Aug. 6.

Four bills Feuer has authored are pending in the State Senate Appropriations Committee. The first is AB 1446, which would clear the way for a state ballot initiative extending a countywide sales tax to pay for transportation projects.

The 30-year tax extension would enable the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to borrow money now against future revenues, and would make it possible to complete projects such as the Westside Subway Extension under Wilshire Boulevard in 10 years instead of 30 years.

“They can secure a long-term revenue stream, and it would enable them to get the money now,” Feuer said. “The importance of being able to reduce congestion now, to get jobs now and to build these projects now at a lower cost, is very compelling.” (The rest of Edwin Folvin’s report … including a car buyer protection bill … here)

Vol 10 Issue 62
Pub: Aug 3, 2012