Keep On Truckin’ … But Not Here

MOORPARK PATCH - If you are relatively new to Moorpark, you have probably noticed the inordinate number of heavy-duty semi’s rolling through the middle of town all day and part of the night.

You may have thought, they don’t belong here. What’s the deal?

The deal is you are absolutely right. They don’t belong here. They jam up the roads. They wreck the pavement, they foul our air, they harm local businesses,  they create a traffic hazard and sometimes, people die in accidents caused by trucks. It is clear that most trucks are not in Moorpark to make local deliveries.

So, why do they insist on glomming up Los Angeles Avenue where it is also Highway 118?
Simple, they are avoiding the Conejo Grade. They are avoiding using Highway 101 in order to bypass the state truck scales.

Listen to someone who has just acknowledged her 23rd anniversary in her Moorpark house: It has always been that way.  (The rest of Joan Trossman Bien’s column … including the back story on trucks rollin’ through the Moorpark ‘hood … here.

Vol 10
Pub: July 11, 2012