The Life of a Loyal Friend: Less Than $1,000

Choosing a vet is one of the most important decisions a person will make. That task fell on me one day around six months ago. My neighbor needs a lot of help; so, I take care of Mojito, her rescue dog. I love that dog.

One day, Mojito didn’t eat or drink all day. He didn’t do any business either. All he wanted to do was lie down. When he was having the same troubles a second day, I knew I had to take the little fella to the vet. I also knew that it was going to be up to me to find one.

This was quite a task as many of you probably know. I scoured reviews on the internet, I called a few places. Time was marching on and Mojito still wouldn’t eat or drink. When I dialed the  Veterinary Care Center,  a woman named AJ picked up.  

After describing the situation to her, she said, “If that baby hasn’t had any food or water for two days, you better get that baby checked. Something is not right” I packed Mo up and headed down to 6666 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The VCC has more the look of a spa than a hospital. It’s warm and welcoming and the staff is too. We didn’t wait long before we were seen by our veterinarian, Dr. April Rogers. Dr. Rogers was beyond wonderful. Her love of animals and her compassion for the people who care for them is obvious.

The truth is, the people at the VCC saved little Mo’s life. He had ingested something and his liver was toxic.

This kind of an emergency is never cheap; but I can tell you this: Dr. Rogers and the staff took the time and the consideration to work with us on a program of care that would ensure Mojito’s survival while keeping the cost as low as possible. This required close monitoring and precise testing – to determine what was needed immediately, and what could be postponed until later.

In the end, the cost of saving Mojito’s life came to a little over $1,000. The billing covered services that took place over a span of around a month and included a comprehensive exam;  fluids administration; medication for vomiting and diarrhea; two follow up exams; x-rays; liver and bile chemistry collection and analysis and one follow up of the same; prescribed food; and even two nail clippings and a prescription for antioxidants. Mojito is alive and well – we’re becoming better friends every day. Now, that is a deal.

NEED TO KNOW: Veterinary Care Center … 6666 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Map and website: Veterinary Care Center.

Hours: Mon-Fri from 7 am -10 pm; Sat, Sun from 9 am-4 pm. Contact: 323-919-6666 or

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Vol 10 Issue 51
Pub: June 26, 2012