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Teleconference: City Planner Dick Platkin on Why L.A. Times Refuses to Report that SB 9 Allows 8 Units Not “Duplexes.”


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Former L.A. city planner Dick Platkin is a major critic of “upzoning” and “trickle-down” laws that fail to build affordable housing but DO destroy communities. Mr. Platkin will lay out why newsrooms fail to inform the public, don’t appear to know what’s going on, and side with huge financial interests over residents and readers.


Join us Sat., March 20 at 10 am!

  • Why is news coverage on housing law so unusually one-sided and inaccurate
  • Are the zoning and land-use laws too complex for overworked journalists?
  • What steps can you take to see meaningful coverage in your paper?
  • Why Dick Platkin decided to launch his own column!


You can start now, by sending these facts to reporters you read. They’ll be stunned: Fact sheet opposing SB 9 ; Fact sheet opposing SB 10 ; Renne Public Policy Group Analysis of the disaster that is SB 9.


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Poor media coverage in 2020, and incredible factual errors in what little was published about disastrous SB 1120, make it crucial to reach out to overwhelmed journalists.


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