NCWP Planning & Land Use Committee Mtg

Planning and Land Use Committee

Meeting Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - 6:30pm

Meeting Place:
Westchester Municipal Building Community Room / 7166 W Manchester Avenue, Westchester, CA 90045

Discussion/Action (Motion):

Welcome and Introduction

Minutes Review and Approval - 17 July 2018 meeting minutes.

Announcements - Next PLUC Meeting: Tuesday, September 13, 2018

Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items

Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa

www.ncwpdr.org [1]

Informational / Traffic Studies; how are they developed and evaluated?

Background - Mr. Hirsch will join us to discuss Traffic Studies and how the City and Developers look at the impact on communities. We will review and discuss the parameters that define the rating of an intersection and where, when and how accomodations are made to projects and traffic flows.page1image946449952

Presenter(s): Ron Hirsch, Principal Partner, Hirsch/Green Transportation Consulting, Inc Committee Discussionpage1image946459008

Informational / Community Plan Update; what is the Community Plan Update process (CPU)?

Background - Westchester Playa Community Plan Update Team assigned to CD11 from the Los Angeles City Planning Department will join us for an in-depth presentation on the CPU process, timeline and outreach strategies for development of a broad-based Community Committee to involve Stakeholders from all areas and interests of our Community.page1image946493696page1image946493968

Presenter(s): Jonathan Hershey, Senior City Planner and Team 

Public Comment
Committee Discussion
Possible Committee Action: Motion to detail approach to develop a Community Committee in coordination with the Neighborhood Council of Westchester Playa which will work with the LA City Planning team.page1image946518368page1image946518640page1image946518912

Discussion / Community Plan Update; Next steps to move forward on Community Plan Update

Background - Review 2004 Community Plan Update (CPU) and dialogue with Stakeholders who were involved in the past to understand criteria and approach.

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Committee Discussion
Related Document(s): 2004 Westchester Playa Community Plan can be found at https://planning.lacity.org/complan/pdf/WchstrCPTXT.pdf [2] Possible Committee Action: Special Meeting to review 2004 Community Plan Update (CPU)

Meeting Adjourned