1. Call to order: Committee Chairs Jeffery Masino, Patty Dryden

  2. Runyon Cyn. Park tree planting projects: Installation of new irrigation along the eastern hillside of Runyon Cyn has created a potential new water source to consider for next tree planting event on the East Trail ridge near the former McCormick estate tennis court.
    Possible motion, discussion, and vote. (Rec and Parks)

  3. Review of current dog on-leash/off leash regulations and enforcement at Runyon Cyn Park to address recent incidences. (Rec and Parks)

  4. New mapping/information signage for Runyon Canyon: LA Rec and Parks is working on trail markers to be installed throughout the park and new mapping/information signs for each entrance

  5. Effort to fund/recreate Runyon Cyn “Clouds Rest” overlook bench: Stakeholder request to fund and rebuild high wooden bench at the top of the East Trail which was removed during the park closure in 2016 without public input. (Rec and Parks)
    Possible motion, discussion, and vote. (Rec and Parks)

  6. Gay4Good Service Day: The founding chapter of this multi-state volunteer service organization is commemorating their 10th Anniversary by doing a cleanup event at Runyon Cyn Park on Saturday, Oct. 13th. Please see www.gayforgood.org/losangeles for more details and to sign up.

  7. Runyon Canyon Park Updates:

    1. RunyonParkTrafficStudy/DixonStudy:OnMarch20th,CityCouncilapprovedfundingforastudy of park access, safety and mobility in and around Runyon Cyn Park to be undertaken by Dixon Resources and to be completed by the fall of 2018. Update and next steps (CD4 Rep).

    2. Toilets: At the June HHWNC Board meeting, the board voted unanimously 14-0 on a motion that LA Rec and Parks further study the issue of restrooms in Runyon Canyon Park and provide a clear picture of the potential impacts and resources required. Next Steps (Rec and Parks, CD4)

    3. Trailmilemarkers:AttheJuneHHWNCBoardmeeting,theboardvotedunanimously14-0ona motion that LAFD implement mile markers to improve emergency rescues at Runyon Cyn.

    4. Blue recycle bin installation: Stakeholder request to provide blue recycling bins for large amounts of water bottles at/near Fuller Ave gate and Mulholland entrances

  8. Public Comments (limit - 2 minutes each person, please fill out a speaker’s card)

  9. Old Business

  10. New Business

  11. Adjournment