A Body In the Donation Box?

1) In Queens NY, a man's body was found in a donation box. The box was to be used for clothes donations. It was assumed that the clothes would be removed prior to being donated. 

2) There are reports AMAZON'S Personal Assistant Device, Alexa, which among other things it can do, is turn on and off lights has been emitting creepy laughs. The Clapper could do the same thing and there have never been reports of it laughing at you. Maybe Alexa is laughing at you for being dumb enough to buy her.

3) Regarding Jerry Brown's Bullet Train. The cost of this speedy boondoggle
has risen to $77.3 Billion , "give or take" most likely "take." Remember "The Little Engine That Could." Well, this is "The Big Engine That Can't and Shouldn't."

4) In Oakland a coffee shop is refusing to serve law enforcement officers in uniform for "the physical  & emotional safety of our customers and ourselves." There is also a sign that reads, in Spanish, "Talk To Your Neighbors Not the Police." Fortunately, if there is real trouble and your neighbors are otherwise occupied and unavailable, which is likely, the police will overlook this insulting nonsense, and come to help.

5) Jerry Brown claims Attorney General Session's lawsuit is an act of war against CA. At the moment we hope he is speaking figuratively not literally. However, this is war thing could spiral out of control. With that in mind, The Center for Research and Take-Out, has discovered that the US still retains the right to use the Blue Uniforms.

(Tom Murphy is a writer, humorist, actor, disc jockey and an occasional contributor to CityWatch. He lives in Los Angeles.)