VICTORY! SB 50 Has Been Shelved 

NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--Thursday, the Appropriations Committee killed SB 50. Together we did it!  Killing the worst law proposed in 25 years, a land grab that would have put a ban on single-family housing, razed affordable housing, threatened historic neighborhoods, and attacked homeownership.

Sen. Portantino, chair of the Appropriations Committee, used his power to deep freeze this bill until 2020 when it will be up for debate again. For now we can take a breath before we gear up for another fight. 

Scott Wiener has not gotten the message. He will he waste another year of all of our time toying with ridiculous non-solutions to our affordable housing crisis. We need to build actual affordable housing, not continue to provide giveaways to luxury housing developers allowing global capital to upend our neighborhoods.

It is time that Senators Scott Wiener and Mike McGuire and the co-authors of SB 50 realize that a bill which is nothing more than a land grab only caters to developers whose main objective is profit.  

Click on this map to see the disaster we averted.