Mike Bloomberg’s Comparison of Environmental Activists to Border Wall Supporters is Totally Absurd


INTEL REPORT--Speaking at the Global Climate Action Conference in San Francisco today, Michael Bloomberg made the following comment about anti-fossil fuel activists outside the event: “We’ve got environmentalists protesting an environmental conference. It reminds me of people who want to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep people out from a country we go to for vacations. Something’s crazy here.” In response, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

 “Mike Bloomberg’s absurd and offensive statement about environmental activists shows just how compromised and out-of-touch he really is. There’s nothing ‘crazy’ about opposing fossil fuels. To the contrary, given the perilous condition of our planet’s future, anything less than a complete rejection of dirty oil and gas is the truly crazy position to hold. Mike Bloomberg and Governor Jerry Brown are pro-fracking apologists for an industry that is driving our planet to the brink of climate chaos. They are the crazy ones."


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