CHATTERBOX--In the aftermath of the family separation policy, the Trump administration and some Republicans in Congress tried very hard to deflect the blame, casting it on the courts, the Democratic Party, or denying the policy existed at all.

CHATTERBOX--Poor, poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She works for a white supremacist who happens to be President of the United States.

CHATTERBOX--With immigration and other agents of the state increasingly untethered- at this point they've come for refugees, asylees, toddlers, Dreamers and a few citizens, and told a line of waiting Mainers they had to be citizens to ride a friggin' bus, a claim that prompted the ACLU to remind us, "You have rights and you should use them" - we present a role model for the times, one the ACLU has also praised for her "fierce shot of courage."

CHATTERBOX--In a "heinous lie" aimed at distorting the historical record and avoiding responsibility for the mass cruelty perpetuated on her watch, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen falsely claimed in a series of tweets late Sunday that the Trump administration does "not have a policy of separating families at the border."

CHATTERBOX--A group of House Democrats, including legendary civil rights hero John Lewis of Georgia, risked arrest yesterday in an act of civil disobedience after blocking off streets around the White House and the entrance of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) headquarters, in protest of the Trump administration’s horrific policy tearing kids from the arms of migrant parents.

CHATTERBOX--An Arizona company that wants to refuse to create wedding merchandise for same-sex couples got a firm no in state court on Thursday.

CHATTER BOX--“Fox & Friends” co-host Abby Huntsman seemed to slip up Sunday while discussing the upcoming summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, calling it a meeting of “two dictators.”

CHATTERBBOX--President Donald Trump said on Monday that he was working directly with God, “as well as with several of His best right-wing pastors,” to hasten the “end-times” events prophesied in the Bible. 

GELFAND’S WORLD--It's that time of year when thousands of people throng Santa Monica Blvd from Highland eastward to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

CHATTERBOX--Filmmaker and activist Michael Moore warned comedian Roseanne Barr and President Donald Trump that his next film will involve both of them, a day after the president waded into controversy over a racist tweet posted by Roseanne.

CHATTERBOX--President Donald Trump used Memorial Day as an occasion to brag about the economy and jobs when he should have been honoring America’s military heroes who died for our country.

CHATTERBOX--Sen. Bernie Sanders excoriated Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in a damning video tweet this week that zeroed in on Bezos’ personal wealth and his company’s unfair economic advantages.

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