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Developers Recruiting Candidates for PICO NC Election


NEIGHBORHOOD POLITICS--This was forwarded to me by a friend. "Abundant Housing" is having a meeting this coming Tuesday to organize potential candidates for NC elections in the Spring.   

Apparently, they and other developer friendly if not developer employed groups are fielding candidates everywhere, organizing and funding local campaigns to run for neighborhood councils and other local bodies.  

If you are in P.I.C.O. NC, I hope to put on the agenda for our next board meeting an item for the Board to discuss organizing the elections, determining which seats will have existing candidates running and which seats will be open and ensure a fair recruitment and election process particularly for any vacant residential seats.  

If you are not currently on our Board but are a stakeholder in our neighborhoods and might be willing to stand for election to our Neighborhood Council, please let us know as soon as possible.  If neither but you are a stakeholder in our Neighborhood Council, PLEASE calendar the date for the election for Neighborhood Council in our neighborhoods and PLEASE plan to VOTE.  This is really important.  Please forward information to your friends and neighbors.   

For PICO NC (The information is different for every NC): 

Election Day is:  MARCH 31, 2019 - Mark your calendars 

Candidate registration opens on DEC. 16, 2018 and closes on JAN. 15, 2019 

For the benefit of those within the P.I.C.O NC, the seats that are up this year at P.I.C.O. NC are our neighborhood residential seats:  Carthay Square, Chaps, Neighbors United, Picfair Village, Pico del Mar, Pico Park, Redondo Sycamore, South Carthay, Wilshire Highlands, Wilshire Vista, and Wilshire Vista Heights.  

I have copied some other neighborhood councils or active Neighborhood associations to alert those I know to the importance of recruiting candidates to run for available seats in all of our neighborhoods this Spring. 

For those of you not in our neighborhoods but facing some of the same issues in your neighborhood council, I am happy to share whatever information I have.


(Hydee Feldstein at [email protected])