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  • Young Blood Reverses Effects of Aging In Mice

    Monte Morin

    PRIME TIME-Older mice who received blood protein from younger mice showed increased strength and endurance. 

    A specific protein, found in both human and mouse blood, reverses effects of aging in mice.

    Can an infusion of young blood reverse the loss of physical and mental ability in old age? 

  • [Focus on an Advertiser] Brian Ades

    Kimberly Gomez, Ledger Columnist

    SILVER LAKE–Brian Ades, designated Seniors Real Estate Specialist at Sotheby’s International Real Estate, has a penchant for the story behind the iconic homes he represents. Understanding that real estate transactions are about people, Ades said he focuses on bringing to light the life behind the structure.

    “What I do is keep as much of their existing lifestyle, and show off who they were,” said…

  • Enjoying life makes older people more capable, study says

    Mary MacVean

    People who enjoy life maintain their ability to take care of themselves, and they walk faster than those who rate their lives as less enjoyable, scientists reported Monday.

    Feelings of happiness and enjoyment – a.k.a. positive affective well-being – have been associated with longer life and less heart disease and stroke. But the current  study looked at decline of functions in daily life and…

  • Resources for those 'aging in place'

    Shari Roan

    Many government and private organizations offer information and assistance for seniors who want to remain in their own homes.

    Supportive services programs for naturally occurring retirement communities (NORC):

    * United Jewish Communities offers a description of the role of supportive services programs and a list of 40 specific communities that are part of its nationwide Aging in Place…


    Jon von Lingner

    Never one to choose the easy path in life, I made the decision to become the primary care provider for my parents, and it was one of the most challenging choices I have ever made. In the spring of 1998, I was living in Los Angeles and working at NBC studios on an Aaron Spelling show when I received a phone call from my mother telling me that my sister and only sibling had been diagnosed with…

  • Boomer Housemates Have More Fun

    Julie Rovner

    Today more than — that huge glut of people born between 1948 and 1964 — is unmarried. And those unmarried boomers are . As this vast generation rushes into retirement, there's a growing concern among experts on aging: Who will take care of all these people when they're too old to care for themselves?

    It's a question many of the experts take personally. "That is what scares me," says Sara Rix,…

  • The Baby Boomer Retirement Crunch Begins

    Emily Brandon

    Many people age 65 and older are struggling to live off the amount they have saved for retirement.

    The oldest baby boomers have already turned 65, and the older population of the U.S. is beginning to swell. The age-65-and-older population grew 18 percent between 2000 and 2011 to 41.4 million senior citizens, according to a recent Administration on Aging report. And these numbers are expected to…

  • The Best Life Gen X and Late Baby Boomers Face Bleak Retirements

    Philip Moeller

    Unless Gen Xers and late baby boomers are able to make big changes in their savings, spending and debt habits, they are on track to become the nation's first generations to fare more poorly than earlier groups of retirees, according to a new study from the nonprofit Pew Charitable Trusts. At the same time, early baby boomers who have already reached traditional retirement age are in relatively…

  • 5 Ways Employees Should Prepare for the Workplace of the Future

    Miriam Salpeter
  • The Ripple Effect of Baby Boomer Retirement

    Dave Bernard

    The baby boomers have already begun to enter retirement age, and the decisions they make could have profound implications for the economy, health care system, and future generations of retirees. Today, approximately one in eight Americans is age 65 or older. By 2030, one in five people will be considered a senior citizen. And the number of baby boomers age 85 and older will expand to an estimated…

  • Working until 70 could ease retirement finances

    Susan Tompor

    Many Baby Boomers head to work each day and wonder, "So what's the number?"

    How many more years do they need to keep working? It turns out that if many of us could just keep working until age 70, we could be OK in retirement, according to a new study.

    Sure, 70 isn't the magic number that most people want to hear. Even so, knowing any number might be reassuring, if you're worried that you'd…

  • CDC: Baby boomers should be tested for hepatitis C

    eena Beasley

    All baby boomers should be tested for the hepatitis C virus, U.S. health officials said on Thursday, citing studies suggesting more than 2 million Americans born between 1945 and 1965 may be infected with the liver-destroying virus.

    Hepatitis C, which is transmitted through the blood, kills more than 15,000 Americans each year, mostly from illnesses such as cirrhosis and liver cancer, according…

  • How Boomers' Generosity Hurts Their Retirement

    Kimberly Palmer

    As parents feel more pressure to support their children, their own financial stress grows

    In a poignant scene in HBO's Girls, the parents of a young twentysomething living in New York inform her that they will no longer be giving her money every month. She will need to get a job and learn how to support herself. Hannah, the twentysomething, protests. She later returns to her parents' hotel room to…

  • 6 Facts Baby Boomers Need to Know About Credit

    Gary Foreman

    From their first gas credit card after high school graduation to a financial world filled with rewards cards and penalty rates, baby boomers have seen the use of credit change dramatically in their lifetimes. And now they wonder how all these changes will affect them as they head into retirement. So let's take a look at six credit questions all boomers will need to answer:

    1. How do boomers’…

  • 10 ways to keep your mind sharp

    Beth Howard, AARP The Magazine

    Alzheimer’s isn’t inevitable. Many experts now believe you can prevent or at least delay dementia — even if you have a genetic predisposition. Reducing Alzheimer’s risk factors like obesity, diabetes, smoking and low physical activity by just 25 percent could prevent up to half a million cases of the disease in the United States, according to a recent analysis from the University of California in…

  • The Best Interview Tips For Older Job Seekers

    Arnie Fertig

    "I'm worried that the boss will hire someone far younger than me," is a statement often heard from older job hunters. In truth, chances are that younger candidates are in hot pursuit of that dream opportunity, and the issue of age in hiring practices is a real one.

    In the face of this competition, here are a few tips to turn your years of experience to your advantage: