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In 1999, Los Angeles voters adopted a new City Charter that required the creation of a citywide system of neighborhoods councils for the purpose of promoting greater public participation in government. 

Approximately 1,600 persons currently serve as elected or appointed members of neighborhood council boards, and countless others are former board members or exceptionally active people. 

To help encourage participation the city provides financial support for communication tools, offices, meeting rooms, and community improvements.  Many feel that the most important section of the City Charter is the one that guarantees that neighborhood councils be given early enough notification before decisions are made at City Hall so they can meet, discuss, and weigh in.

Unlike most other community organizations, neighborhood councils seek to bring together the diverse populations of each neighborhood to discuss what divides them and what may bring them closer together.  That makes both the challenges and rewards greater.

Find a neighborhood council near you and become involved.  Click on the following areas for the available NCs.