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Using The N-Word

Clinton Galloway
WHO WE ARE-Somehow it has become acceptable to use racial slurs as long as they are directed at yourself. The fact is they are rarely directed at you but to someone else. The most glaring example of this is the use of the N-word. I need say no more because we all understand what the N-word is. The extensive use of the word in modern hip-hop and…

‘LA Is Not Designed To Work’

Jack Humphreville
LA WATCHDOG-The City of Los Angeles is a sprawling enterprise with 32,000 employees and an annual budget of $8.6 billion. But according to Rick Cole, the City’s former Deputy Mayor for Budget and Innovation, “LA is not designed to work." Our City’s operations are relatively simple comp ared to Los Angeles County and other large cities such as New…

SCOTUS Supports the People, Okays California’s Citizen-Driven Redistricting Commission

Deirdre Fulton
NO MORE SECRET BACKROOMS RUN BY POLITICIANS-In a decision hailed as a "major victory for voters," the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday upheld an Arizona ballot initiative, adopted by voters in 2000, which took redistricting power away from elected politicians and gave it to a nonpartisan commission. The 5-4 decision (pdf), which saw Justice Anthony…

To Latinos Trump Is Bad News

Fred Mariscal
LATINO PERSPECTIVE-This past week businessman Donald Trump announced that he will seek the 2016 Republican nomination for President. We all paid attention to his speech, not for great policy ideas but because he said that “When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best. They're not sending you, they're sending people that have lots of…

Supreme Court Aftermath: Meet the New Haters, As Repugnant as the Old Haters

Ken Alpern
HATE POLITICS-The Supreme Court has spoken...again and again and again. And now we're encountering a group of New Haters, as repugnant as the Old Haters, as we discover who is REALLY on the side of Love, Country and Humanity versus that once-marginalized group of emotionally- and intellectually-stunted individuals who now somehow think they're not…

About Time! Neighborhood Councils, NC Alliances: More Comment Time at City Council

Erik Sanjurjo
GUEST WORDS-On Saturday, Council President Herb Wesson gave the keynote speech before the 100+ Neighborhood Council board members and stakeholders gathered for NC Budget Day in City Hall. He announced that in the next Council term he will be folding in neighborhood council related issues under his Rules & Elections Committee, partly to help…

Councilman Parks Sidewalk Repair Plan: Bypass Union Workers

Sharon McNary
CITY HALL-The city of Los Angeles has fallen so far behind on sidewalk repairs, it took a lawsuit to get officials to guarantee more than a billion dollars for repairs. It could take years before the work reaches residential areas because the city must still come up with a strategy for which sidewalks to fix first. But some neighborhoods are…

I Never Believed This Would Happen In My Lifetime

Andrew Sullivan
GUEST WORDS-As Gandhi never quite said … First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they attack you. Then you win. I remember one of the first TV debates I had on the then-strange question of civil marriage for gay couples. It was Crossfire, as I recall, and Gary Bauer’s response to my rather earnest argument after my TNR cover-story on…

Changing the Way We See Ourselves: Every American Should Adopt a Second Country

Andrés Martinez
TRADE WINDS-About 10 minutes into the soccer game, Sebastian’s cries of “here,” “behind you,” and “cross it” became cries of “aquí,” “atrás,” and “al centro.” I’d never heard so much Spanish voluntarily pour out of my ten-year-old. There is nothing like a hunger for the ball. And nothing like full immersion in a foreign language. I brought…


Golden Oldie-Johnnie Carson & Betty White-Adam and Eve

Rude. Rude. Rude … orchestra deals with rude cell caller

Whoa! More than 280 million hits. Taylor Swift hit-Bad Blood









Wheeling & Dealing Boston Frankie Still Scheming in Dodgerland

HOW MCOURT PLANS TO MAKEOUT ON THE DODGER DEAL - When it comes to money, what the looting Boston Frankie does is often very different from what the dapper Frank McCourt says in public.

In the last several weeks, Frank has entered into a settlement agreement with Princess Jamie, his ex wife and former business partner, worth $131 million in cash.  He has also agreed to sell the Dodgers, hopefully by Opening Day, and even retained an investment bank to facilitate the process.
And according to Bill Shaikin, the go to Los Angeles Times reporter on all things McCourt, Frank even apologized to the Dodgers’ fans for all the ownership shenanigans over the last two years.

At the same time, real estate speculator Boston Frankie and Fox Sports have traded lawsuits over the his desire to auction the media rights to the Dodgers prior to November 30, 2012, a clear violation of the team’s contract with Fox Sports.   

But this litigation is just part of the Boston Frankie’s strategy to maximize his returns at our expense, where the sum of the parts is worth more than the whole.

The Boston Parking Lot Attendant’s game plan is to retain ownership of all of the land in Chavez Ravine, including the parking lots and the land under Dodger Stadium.  He is also angling to retain an equity interest in the new Dodger Network as well as a minority interest in Dodgers.

As part of this convoluted scheme, the Dodgers would enter into long term contracts with the Boston Parking Lot Attendant to lease the parking lots and the land under Dodger Stadium.  The resulting lease payments and the land would then serve as collateral for new borrowings.

Boston Frankie is also forming a new company to control the media rights to the Dodgers. This entity would be the foundation for a new Dodger Network, very similar to the very successful Yankee Entertainment and Sports Network and the New England Sports Network, 80% of which is owned by the Red Sox.  

The proceeds from the sale of the Dodgers and the loans backed by the lease payments, the land, and his equity interest in the Dodger Network would allow wheeler dealer Boston Frankie to repay the Dodger indebtedness of $700 million, refinance his existing loans on the parking lots and his remaining houses, pay Princess Jamie her $131 million, liquidate his personal obligations to Fox Sports related to the 2011 advances to fund the team’s losses, and pay off his outstanding  legal fees and other sundry obligations.

He would even have money left over to purchase a minority interest in the Dodgers!

But for Dodger fans, it is a time of optimism.

During the second half of the season after the All Star break, the Dodgers played very well, winning 13 more games than they lost. Matt Kemp, the MVP runner up, has been signed to a long term contract and Clayton Kershaw won the National League Cy Young Award.  And hopefully, our new, well capitalized owner will be willing to invest in talent that will add some firepower to the batting order and strong arms to the pitching corps, resulting in a pennant contender that will draw the crowds of yesteryear.

But the chief reason to believe in next year is that the morally and financially bankrupt Boston Frankie and his family will be history, no longer involved with the Dodgers.

While the ultimate outcome of the sale of the Dodgers is still unknown, we must rely on Bud Selig and Major League Baseball to protect the true blue Dodger fans from the ever scheming Boston Frankie and his convoluted Enronesque schemes that threaten to further undermine the Dodgers and Major League Baseball itself.

So Bud, here’s looking at you.  Please make sure that the racketeering Boston Frankie is just a very bad memory by Opening Day.  Otherwise, be prepared to hear the many boos on Opening Day and for another major drop in attendance.  

(Jack Humphreville writes LA Watchdog for CityWatch He is the President of the DWP Advocacy Committee and the Ratepayer Advocate for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. Humphreville is the publisher of the Recycler -- He can be reached at: ) –cw

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