TODAY’S CITYWATCH—Proctor and Gamble once noted that it takes 52 ‘impressions’ to get a consumer into the market to buy soap. But then, P&G was talking about normal folks, not LA’s electeds. 

Here we are, 24 years since LA Mayoral Candidate Joel Wachs proposed creating neighborhood councils because ‘no one at City Hall is listening’ to the people … and little has changed. Except, that is, for the way ‘the people’ have chosen to deliver their message: in the court room and at the ballot. 

In Today’s CityWatch...

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TODAY’S CITYWATCH—If Southern Californian’s weren’t blessed with a surplus of egos, we’d be laboring under the weight a good sized inferiority complex.

California sends substantially more bucks to Washington than we get back in aid and support.

Politicians come calling for campaign dollars so often the traffic crawl they cause has us in a huff. Millions of SoCal dollars to help them get elected and to support their political causes.

And, as Brian Hawkins reports in Today’s CityWatch...

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CITYWATCH TODAY—Does money make friends? Well, sometimes. Especially if it’s coming from consumers buying our services or products. In this issue of CityWatch, Fred Mariscal writes about a recent economic report that notes that Hispanics spent $72.4 Billion in Los Angeles in 2014. Lot o’ fuel for LA’s economic engine. Lot o’ LA businesses must benefit. Lot o’ friendships that must inspire. Check out Fred’s column. It leads Today’s CityWatch.

Speaking of numbers …

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EDITOR'S MEMO—It’s a good thing the State approved that $15 minimum wage. How else could we afford all the new taxes and fees our government is trying to squeeze out of our wallets? 

Transit taxes. DWP rate increases. Pension costs. Sidewalk repair. Increased parking fines. The Rain Tax. Say what? Ya, that’s what Jack Humphreville is calling it. More fingers in your pocket, looking for crumbs. This piece of work is from the County. Jack explains it in detail in Today’s CityWatch. 

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TODAY’S CITYWATCH—Californian’s are prepping for a new experience … a Primary Election that can make a difference.

The June 7th Primary is but a few political outbursts away. It’s looking more every day like the California Primary could be relevant. Voters are beginning to stir. We might break a California record: 15 or 16 percent voter turnout maybe!

Beth Cone Kramer cover’s the GOP prep for this unusual event. Bob Gelfand writes about another election phenomenon, the ‘no political party’ voter. Should they be allowed to vote in the primaries of what are in effect private parties … the Republicans and the Democrats? Check Beth and Bob out. Let us know what you think.

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