Editor’s Memo: Skyhigh CEO’s Need More Time On Earth


CITYWATCH TODAY—I think about it a lot. I’ve a feeling you do too. I wonder how it is possible for corporate CEO’s to get so out of touch with the real world. And over the last few days, in particular, how United Airlines’ CEO, Oscar Munoz, could be so far removed from reality that he could not grasp the totally defenseless position his company was in after security officers strong-armed a 69 year old physician off of a United flight so a United employee could have a seat. Me thinks this Skyhigh CEO needs to come back down to earth. 

Paul Hatfield tries to answer the question in Today’s CityWatch. Kenneth Alpern provides a more satirical and amusing examination. Check them out. 

Neighborhood Councils are in the news again. CityWatch feature writer Bob Gelfand wonders how the public can be gagged at a public meeting and General Jeff claims that cheating helped influence the Skid Row Neighborhood Council election loss. 


And there’s more. How much is too much pension for IBEW union Boss D’Arcy? Is there a gentrification conspiracy adding to LA’s affordable housing crisis? Should Nevada and California get married? All in CityWatch Today. 

Let me know what you think.


Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch