Editor’s Memo: New Company Town


CITYWATCH TODAY—LA has dropped the welcome mat for a new multi-billion dollar industry. LA is about to become a new company town ... thanks to Measure M. No, not what you think. Not film or TV. Not the tech industry. I’m talkin’ cannabis. Pot. Marijuana. Now legal … as in recreational use legal … in our fair metropolis. 

Writer and authority Lance Rogers forecasts a multi-billion dollar business. That’s with a ‘B’. That surpasses all of Colorado. That’s more shops than Starbucks has coffee houses. And, for some politicos, it’s an incredible new income (tax) stream for the city … at a critical time. LA’s budget is facing dire overages and the threat of losing the transfer cushion from DWP. 

Find out how the cannabis business is going to affect Los Angeles. How it will change the company in company town. In Today’s CityWatch.



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Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch