Editor’s Memo: Lies, Liars and ‘Alternative Facts’

CITYWATCH TODAY—As we’ve learned from 15 months of campaign watch, Donald Trump can suck the air right out of the room. Can’t help himself. It’s what he does best. But as the current CityWatch postings prove, he can suck the air out of an entire weekend. The controversial inauguration performance. The angry and childish tantrum over attendance and Metro ride numbers. The incredible turnout for the World Wide Women’s March on Washington. And, on and on. What does it all mean? CityWatch writers weigh in. 

Beth Cone Kramer was there and reports on the thrill of being a part of LA ‘sister’ March. Dick Platkin provides a ‘guywitness’ report. Kenneth Alpern says ‘the next march should be targeting LA’s City Hall’ and Brady Westwater dissects the protester. Why do they do it? Does it ever solve anything? In Today’s CityWatch

Bob Gelfand and Ellen Lubic take on the facts vs. alternative facts issue. Senator Kamala Harris reminds: ‘They can’t take our power away.’ 


And if you’re tired of the new President Trump, Jack Humphreville has a plan for cleaning up LA’s elections … and how to pay for them. Dan Guss shines some light on LA’s worst McMansion and Richard Lee Abrams explains Corruption Tax. Wow! There’s a lot going on. And, it’s going on Today’s CityWatch. 

Check it out. Let us know what you think. We’re good listeners. And, that’s a fact. And I don’t mean ‘alternative fact.’!


Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch