LA WATCHDOG - (Editor’s Note: In light of the online Bloomberg news report on Tuesday, it seemed appropriate to revisit this Jack Humphreville LA Watchdog column from 2009 on the same subject … proving Jack is ahead of his time.)

Why is the City Council hell bent on approving the huge five year wage package for IBEW workers at the Department of Water and Power without adequate hearings and transparency?

LA WATCHDOG - Over the last six years, Los Angeles City payroll and related benefits have increased by $720 million, a 24% bump, as average salaries have increased to $82,000 a year, not including very generous benefits. And contributions to the City’s two pension plans have increased by $540 million (over 150%) as pension liabilities ballooned by almost $10 billion, a 40% increase.

So what is the source of all the cash that is needed to fund these out of control personnel costs?

One source of ready cash was the money needed to maintain and repair our infrastructure: our streets and bridges (ranked the worst in the nation), sidewalks, parks, stormwater drains, street lights, and buildings.  The City has also short changed its motor vehicle fleet such as police cars, fire engines, and garbage trucks and has neglected to modernize our Stone Age computer systems and hardware.

LA'S BUDGET CRISIS - The Mayor and his staff have developed a very good Budget Survey that addresses the issues and choices concerning next year’s budget deficit that is estimated by the City Administrative Officer to be in the range of $200 million to $250 million.

The survey questions involve Budget Priorities, Potential Service Reductions, a Sustainable Workforce, Revenue Opportunities, Public Private Partnerships, and Improved Financial Management Tools. There is also the opportunity to provide ample comment.

LA WATCHDOG - Of the 22 commissioners for the Department of Water and Power, the Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports, and Public Works, 50% are women and 60% are non white.  Over 40% are lawyers.  About two thirds work for governmental or non profit organizations. Of the one third of the commissioners that work in the for profit sector, over 60% are lawyers.

These four City Departments have budgets of over $5 billion and are responsible for about 20,000 positions / employees, about 40% of the City’s work force.

However, of particular note, none of the commissioners have specific industry expertise or management experience in large complex organizations.

Why? As one elected official commented, “Rest assured, with maybe one exception, the Mayor’s recent appointments of politically pliant “Know Nothings” is not by accident!”

No wonder the City is broke!


Jack Humphreville writes LA Watchdog for CityWatch He is the President of the DWP Advocacy Committee and the Ratepayer Advocate for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. Humphreville is the publisher of the Recycler -- He can be reached at: ) –cw



Volume 7, Issue 97

November 27, 2009

LA WATCHDOG - Hallelujah.  We have a Ratepayers Advocate.

But now the heavy lifting begins as the newly appointed Ratepayers Advocate, Dr. Frederick H. Pickel, must review and analyze the proposed three year increases of 22% and 25% in our water and power rates, respectively.And it appears we have a winner in Dr. Pickel, the unanimous selection of the Citizens Committee.  

Beginning in early December, this volunteer Committee, along with Heather Renschler of the executive search firm of Ralph Anderson & Associates, did yeoman’s work, screening over 60 qualifying resumes and conducting two rounds of in person interviews, including the final in depth interviews that required the four finalists to review and analyze reams of information about our Department of Water and Power and the proposed rate increases.

LA’S BUDGET CRISIS - The Mayor wants your thoughts on how to close next year’s budget deficit that is expected to be over $200 million in the red.

LA WATCHDOG - Throughout the recent discussions regarding the Department of Water and Power and the Energy Cost Adjustment Factor, there have been few if any concrete discussions about the impact on electric rates over the next ten years, especially as it relates to the Mayor’s 2020 goals of No Coal and 40% Renewables.

Needless to say, the lack of a Strategic Plan and an Integrated Resource Plan makes it very difficult to predict the costs and the impact on rates.

However, over the next decade, it would not be surprising if DWP had capital expenditures in excess of $10 billion.  This in itself will have a dramatic impact on rates.  

And this is one of the primary reasons for Transparency recommended in the Independent Fiscal Review by PA Consulting.  The existing and future programs for Alternative Energy, Demand Supply Management, and Energy Efficiency would be separated from the current Energy Cost Adjustment Factor and would be subject to the automatic review and approval of the City Council, just like Base Rates Increases that were approved in April 2008.

With Transparency, Ratepayers would have a much better understanding of why their rates were increasing as compared to the current black box methodology.

But how much will rates increase over the next decade? To date, the vocal and politically influential environmental community, along with the Mayor and his blackmailing minions, Carr, Carson and Szabo (none of whom know an amp from an ohm), have also been silent as to the costs and impact on residential and commercial Ratepayers.

However, when one environmental hot shot was asked if an increase of 25% a year for the next decade was reasonable, the response was: “25% a year is not unreasonable.”

If rates increased at 25% a year for the next ten years, our rates would increase over nine times, from 12.2¢ to 113.6¢ per kilowatt-hour.

No wonder the Mayor and the environmental community do not want Transparency.

(Jack Humphreville writes LA Watchdog for CityWatch He is  the President of the DWP Advocacy Committee and the Ratepayer Advocate for the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council. Humphreville is the publisher of the Recycler -- He can be reached at  -cw

Vol 8 Issue 26
Pub: Apr 2, 2010


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