PERSPECTIVE-The American flag, drenched in the blood of American Indians and enslaved Africans, has been romanticized as a symbol of guardianship for all citizens of this nation. One of the main centerpieces of patriotism encapsulated in the flag’s meaning is military service.

NEW GEOGRAPHY--When Donald Trump was elected president, much of American Jewish leadership reacted with something close to hysteria. To some, Trump’s presidency reflected the traditional face of the anti-Semitic right — xenophobic, nationalist and culturally conservative.

TRUMP WATCH--No less than authority than Senator Lindsey Graham himself has told us that America is on a "march to single payer."  He said over and over this last week that if his scam of a bill did not pass, which it will not thanks to your voices speaking out, that single payer was inevitable.

LEANING RIGHT--Lots of us hate what the Orange Man says, does, tweets, or proposes...but there ARE a few things that many (maybe most) Americans hate even more than our President.  Some of these things include North Korea, ISIS, gangbangers, human traffickers ... and ... oh yeah: 

THIS IS WHAT I KNOW--When Donald Trump fired off his first missile Friday night at one of his populist rallies in Alabama, he started a war with not only Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP for the Golden State Warriors but the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball. (Photo above: President railing against the NFL and Puerto Rico hurricane surviver.) 

COUNTER PUNCH-After watching Episodes One and Two of the Burns and Novick Vietnam War series, I am reminded of the old adage asserting a valuable point for students of history: the class that controls the means of material production controls also the means of mental production. Listening to the narrator scroll through the list of financial sponsors cautioned me to lower my expectations that the series would break away from the predictable liberal narrative that has been dominant in discussions about the Vietnam War. 

PERSPECTIVE--September 14, 2017. That was the day that conservative columnist and commentator, Ann Coulter, disclosed a dramatic change of heart. She, it will be recalled, was one of DJT’s early and ardent supporters when he was running for office and, subsequently, elected. 

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