420 FILE—(Editor’s Note: For Californian’s ‘drug war’ is descriptive of the Golden State’s relationship with the US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. CA needs more help from its representatives in DC to protect the voter voice that approved the legalization of marijuana. Here ‘s the latest on the battle with Sessions.)

CORRUPTION WATCH-“Am I my brother’s keeper?” asked the world’s first murderer. This week the United States Senate GOP answered Cain’s question, “No, we are not our brothers’ keepers.” In adding a tax bill amendment which would repeal the Mandate from ObamaCare, Senate Republicans affirmed that we are not responsible for each other’s welfare. For the GOP, “each man is an island.” 

ASSESSING OUR CULTURE OF IGNORANCE-Public ignorance is an inherent threat to democracy. It breeds superstition, prejudice, and error; and it prevents both a clear-eyed understanding of the world and the formulation of wise policies to adapt to that world. 

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