DEALS & DISCOUNTS--If you have not tried the döner, it is time to step out to try the Turkish delight winning taste buds across Los Angeles. 

The traditional döner kebab is street food, from the streets of Istanbul, made by slow roasting meat on a rotating vertical spit, shaving off the top layer, similar to a Greek gyros.  Spireworks döners are a tastier and lighter version, offering both beef, chicken, and, my favorite, the zesty vegetarian kofte, a patty made of carrots, onions, mushrooms, red pepper and chickpea flour, which is flavorful, not cooked on a spit, but deep fried leaving it crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. 

There are a lot of great reasons to visit Malibu Wines in Malibu.  The best reason is to enjoy one of the most beautiful outdoor settings in Los Angeles listening, or better yet, dancing to a seasoned band with a mountain backdrop and vineyards in the foreground. 

DEALS & DISCOUNTS--It has been said that “Robot Monster, the Musical” is the best musical of 2017! It might be if you have a great sense of humor, love of sci-fi, music, dancing, romance, adorable children, and a gorilla monster robot! That’s right, a gorilla monster robot from another planet. Just in case you did not see the original cult B- movie from 1953, here is your opportunity to see a live theatrical re-make that is now a musical.

DEALS & DISCOUNTS--On my first day at my new job, one of my co-workers was complaining that it had taken her a long time to drive to work due to the millions of illegals that are driving on the Los Angeles freeways. After questioning her, she repeated what she heard Sean Hannity say on radio that morning. I told her not to listen to that stuff, and, in frustration, went to my cubicle to cry over ignorant rhetoric both on the air and passed down by everyday people. 

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